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Blue Halo Unicorns

Posted by Cort on

Some people may think of Dolly Varden are undesirable when fishing for salmon, but we set out to find some of the largest most beautiful 'char' in existence. Breath taking views and gin clear water, we found what we were looking for, but it wasn't easy. Getting dropped off by bush plane to float miles of river in search of these beauties was an experience in and of itself. Join us on our adventure.

Blue Halo Unicorns from Blue Halo on Vimeo.

In Search of Giant Brook Trout

Last year we made a video edit called Distracted for the IF4 film festival.  We had so much fun fishing to bull trout that we decided to delicate this year to Char.  They are the baddest and most beautiful freshwater fish out there.  It was a no brainer.  Bull trout, brook trout, sea run dolly varden, arctic [...]

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Carrie Canestorp, you are the lucky winner of a ‪#‎bluehalo‬ 5 weight of your choice. Check your email for more details.We would like to thank everyone who participated in our free rod giveaway in collaboration with @postflybox this month. All you had to do is go out our website and put your name and [...]

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Win a Free Blue Halo 5 wt and a YEAR subscription of Postflybox

If you have been this far into the website, you have probably seen the popup come with the offer to win a free rod.  Well, hopefully you too advantage of that, because it is real... and we are going to do it once a month forever.  This month we have teamed up with Postfly for [...]

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$100 could save your bacon on a Blue Halo fly rod warranty.

Blue, green, white, red, brown, yellow and gray... who would make fly rods in those colors?  As you may know, we are anglers... we fish, we know how fishy dudes think because we are those guys.  So when it comes to fly rod warranties, we wanted to put ourselves in your shoes and try to [...]

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The Most Beautiful Fish in the World

If you are anything like me you have a fish in your mind that is the apidimy of beauty, whether it is a fish that is all colored up in it's spawning colors, or even a fish that fights harder than anything out there.  I have had a list of  dream fish' for a long [...]

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Tips on How to Fly Fish with a Mouse Pattern

(Sam Parkinson photo cred: Cortney Boice)So, you have decided to join the club? That good old fashioned Mouse Club. No, not the kind were you wear mouse ears designed for kids and tourist, we are talking the meet after midnight, chuck and duck, big brown trout club. This club was conceived by the obsessed carry [...]

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Night Fishing with a Mouse

Sometimes fishing fishing at night can be a little freaky, especially when there is no moon and you can't see anything around you.  Sometimes you pull out your phone or some small little light so that you don't scare fish and hobble to the next little hole.  I always say, if you put the time [...]

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Pizza Butt a Blue Halo Production

Cutthroat are ugly... said no one ever.  2014-15 was primarily focused on catching Cutthroat.  With the help of may dudes filming like Spencer Higa, Derek Olthuis, Phil Tuttle and Cortney Boice we came up with this edit that sort of recaps some of the good times and nice fish we caught. Pizza Butt a Blue [...]

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Skate or Die! Catching fish on mice....WHAT!

Some may argue that streamers are where it's at.  Others may think that watching a fish rise to a dry fly is the pinnacle of fly fishing.  As far as trout go, there can't be anything cooler than watching a carnivorous Bonneville Cutthroat slam a mouse pattern! Skate or Die from Blue Halo on Vimeo. Catching [...]

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