$100 could save your bacon on a Blue Halo fly rod warranty.

$100 could save your bacon on a Blue Halo fly rod warranty.

Posted by Cort on 29th Sep 2015

Blue, green, white, red, brown, yellow and gray... who would make fly rods in those colors?  As you may know, we are anglers... we fish, we know how fishy dudes think because we are those guys.  So when it comes to fly rod warranties, we wanted to put ourselves in your shoes and try to incorporate the thoughts of what you and I like, and try to marry that idea with how a business runs.

It has been an ongoing battle forever and ever in the fly fishing industry.  Rod companies don't want to tack on a lifetime warranty on their products because that is less money in their pocket. Someone a while back (not naming names here) decided that a lifetime warranty would be a good idea.  Then the rest of the companies had to follow suit because they had to stand behind their products as well.  It is a big deal because a lot of fly rod companies go out of business.  

Most anglers love it because they get free rods for life, while other anglers just wish that the price of rods would go down.  Similarly, some shop owners like it because a lifetime warranty helps sell rods easier, but if the price was cheaper, they would sell more rods. 

Some rod companies receive up to 500 returns in a week, which is insane.  Think for a second what that means.  You have to staff people to give out RA#'s, have someone receive them all.  Once they are there, then what?  A lot of them can be repaired, so you have to have a repair guy on hand, and then replace a good majority of them because they are broken...

Well folks, we used our mighty brain power to make it all better.  On top of our already great warranty, we also offer what we call our No-Fault Insurance Waiver, which is essentially insurance on your fly rod blank or complete rod.  $100 gets you 2 rod replacements, no questions asked. Unless it is mangled, then we will probably ask what happened because we assume a good story will follow:). This means that you can get struck by lighting, you can slam it in your tailgate, leave it on top of your car and a semi finishes it off for you... anything! 

If you can't flow $100, don't worry, we don't require you to purchase insurance, it is just for you to have peace of mind that your beautiful rod will be protected for a long time. But, if your rod breaks and it is your fault... well, you know the drill. 

Let's make it easy on ourselves folks... buy the insurance, it's worth the piece of mind.  We like it because we don't have to be the bad guy when you step on your rod while releasing a fish.