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The Most Beautiful Fish in the World

If you are anything like me you have a fish in your mind that is the apidimy of beauty, whether it is a fish that is all colored up in it's spawning colors, or even a fish that fights harder than anything out there.  I have had a list of  dream fish' for a long [...]

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Tips on How to Fly Fish with a Mouse Pattern

(Sam Parkinson photo cred: Cortney Boice)So, you have decided to join the club? That good old fashioned Mouse Club. No, not the kind were you wear mouse ears designed for kids and tourist, we are talking the meet after midnight, chuck and duck, big brown trout club. This club was conceived by the obsessed carry [...]

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Night Fishing with a Mouse

Sometimes fishing fishing at night can be a little freaky, especially when there is no moon and you can't see anything around you.  Sometimes you pull out your phone or some small little light so that you don't scare fish and hobble to the next little hole.  I always say, if you put the time [...]

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Pizza Butt a Blue Halo Production

Cutthroat are ugly... said no one ever.  2014-15 was primarily focused on catching Cutthroat.  With the help of may dudes filming like Spencer Higa, Derek Olthuis, Phil Tuttle and Cortney Boice we came up with this edit that sort of recaps some of the good times and nice fish we caught. Pizza Butt a Blue [...]

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Skate or Die! Catching fish on mice....WHAT!

Some may argue that streamers are where it's at.  Others may think that watching a fish rise to a dry fly is the pinnacle of fly fishing.  As far as trout go, there can't be anything cooler than watching a carnivorous Bonneville Cutthroat slam a mouse pattern! Skate or Die from Blue Halo on Vimeo. Catching [...]

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South Fork of the Snake

Beau Ogzewalla hooking into them on the South Fork of the Snake River on his Blue Halo 5 wt. Nice cut bow  thanks for sharing Beau.

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Custom Build by Hans Burhan

Meet The Alexander and his older sister The Elizabeth.  Hans Burhan built these rods out for his kids.  Best Dad award goes to...

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Small Water Radicalness

Sometimes the best days on the water are in small streams.  Small explosive little fish slamming a dry... and sometimes you catch that 18" guy.

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Sometimes dudes have a hard time expressing love to other dudes in a physical way.  This could be one of the main reasons Fathers Day was established.  Every one of us have a father, so let's show them that we appreciate them with a gift of love... a gift that is better than a hug [...]

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How Not to Break Your Fly Rod

Fiberglass is incredibly durable material, but they are most certainly susceptible to breakage if they aren't treated right. Here are some tips on how not to break your rod.  If you are having a bad day because you slammed your rod in the car door, or closed your tailgate, or left your rod on top of your [...]

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