6th Jun 2015

Sometimes dudes have a hard time expressing love to other dudes in a physical way.  This could be one of the main reasons Fathers Day was established.  Every one of us have a father, so let's show them that we appreciate them with a gift of love... a gift that is better than a hug or a kiss. A gift that says, you are a good guy and I really like you a lot.  Let's face it, most guys would rather get a new fiberglass fly rod instead of a hug, or a tie, or... pretty much anything. 

If you love your father, or if you love yourself for being a good father, now is your chance to take advantage of some great deals over here at Blue Halo.  For a limited time get you or your loved one 25% off of the entire store.  This offer expires on Fathers Day, but you probably want to order now to give yourself some time to get it there in time.

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