How Not to Break Your Fly Rod

How Not to Break Your Fly Rod

2nd Jun 2015

Fiberglass is incredibly durable material, but they are most certainly susceptible to breakage if they aren't treated right. Here are some tips on how not to break your rod. 

If you are having a bad day because you slammed your rod in the car door, or closed your tailgate, or left your rod on top of your car and remembered it was there only after you hit the freeway... well, Blue Halo just happens to sell insurance that can be added to the purchase of your rod.  This insurance covers anything that our warranty doesn't cover... if your dog eats it, if it blows up, if it is stolen broken then returned... you name it and it is covered up to 2 replacements. 

Purchase the insurance for peace of mind.

Orvis just posted this which I think is a good reminder how not to break your rod: