Night Fishing with a Mouse

Night Fishing with a Mouse

Posted by Cort on 31st Jul 2015

Sometimes fishing fishing at night can be a little freaky, especially when there is no moon and you can't see anything around you.  Sometimes you pull out your phone or some small little light so that you don't scare fish and hobble to the next little hole.  I always say, if you put the time in it will happen. 

Night Mouse a Blue Halo Production from Blue Halo on Vimeo.

Fishing at night can sometimes be scary. With Sasquatch running around and who knows whatever other creatures ... sometimes it is worth it.
Night Mouse a Blue Halo Production

We pulled an all nighter to fish for some cutthroat.  We knew that in the darkness the larger fish would be out feeding where they wouldn't normally be during the day where worms and lures get thrown in their face all day long.

We were rewarded tonight after putting in a lot of time and effort.  Congrats on your fish Sam, he is a stud!

Here is another look of that guy.