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Fly Fishing Monster Arctic Char in Nunavut

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Cortney Boice and Derek Olthuis return to Nunavut in search of the world's largest arctic char. While in Nunavut last year they found a group of large char, upon arrival they realize the fish are not holding in the same area. The hunt begins as they try to catch a large, colored up male they each had failed to land the previous year.

Blue Halo Unicorns

Some people may think of Dolly Varden are undesirable when fishing for salmon, but we set out to find some of the largest most beautiful 'char' in existence. Breath taking views and gin clear water, we found what we were looking for, but it wasn't easy. Getting dropped off by bush plane to [...]

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The Most Beautiful Fish in the World

If you are anything like me you have a fish in your mind that is the apidimy of beauty, whether it is a fish that is all colored up in it's spawning colors, or even a fish that fights harder than anything out there.  I have had a list of  dream fish' for a long [...]

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