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What's the Difference Between the Blue Halo Generation 2 vs. 3?

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Generation 3

Dudes and Dudettes of the fly fishing community, they are here, our new generation 3 rods! Because we love you all so much we dove back into the shop and completely redesigned our rods to offer more great options without changing the overall feel that so many glass fanatics have fallen in love with. You might be questioning what’s the difference between the Gen 2 and Gen 3 rods? There are 5 key differences:

- 4 piece rods instead of 3 piece.

Now you can throw them in your backpack instead of have them on the outside.  Throw them inside of your luggage instead of keeping them in hand during your entire trip.

-All new tapers to accommodate the 4 piece rod without dramatically changing the action. 

We added a few small changes in the redesign of the new tapers. We made them all better in one way or another.


- The addition of 4, 5 and 6 weight rods to the line up. The 4 weight and 6 weight rods are brilliant. Both come in all 8 of our original colors, so you can choose one that matches each of your outfits:) We have added 2 actions to choose for the 5 weight, a 'softer' and 'faster' action.

- Purple, our new rod color.

Our new most popular color.  Is it because it is new or because it is awesome.  We think both.  

- New reel seats, rod socks and rod tubes.

To continue with the theme of new, we have redesigned our rod sock to make it more durable and easy access with the velcro. The rod tubes have an all new color and are made from a durable Cordura fabric over PVC with YKK zippers. The new reel seats have a unique fiberglass color that you can mix and match if you are building a rod or enjoy them on each of our completed rod builds.

It was our goal to offer a rod that would travel easier and backpack better without changing the action of the rod. In order to make this happen we designed new tapers to make sure the 4 piece rods still have that retro-flex that brought you back to glass. We knew the 4 piece would give you a better backcountry tool and fit smoothly into those overhead compartments on destination trips and figured we might as well add a few more weights and a new color to the mix as well.

Purple has quickly become our favorite rod in the line up with its unique color tone. There is just something radical about the look of that rod all light up in the sunlight! Of course we couldn’t stop there and made some upgrades to the reel seat, rod socks and rod tubes to make the rods really stand out.

We hope more than anything you will enjoy the changes and feel the difference as you slow your roll with the feel of fiberglass. We couldn’t be happier with the way the rods turned out and are excited to put a product in your hands that will provide years of service and lots of lip piercings as you hit the water. 

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