The Most Beautiful Fish in the World

The Most Beautiful Fish in the World

Posted by Cort on 23rd Sep 2015

If you are anything like me you have a fish in your mind that is the apidimy of beauty, whether it is a fish that is all colored up in it's spawning colors, or even a fish that fights harder than anything out there.  I have had a list of  dream fish' for a long time.  I stare at photos that people post with drool oozing out of my mouth.  Will I ever get the chance to fish for one of these beauties?  It's sad, but in my mind the answer is NO.  Life, work, money, time... there are a lot of obstacles that stand in our way of chasing these beasts.

As many of you know we work on film projects every now and then.  We decided to chase our dream fish, no matter what it took.  I can't give you all the information or even really show too much from the trip because I don't want to spoil the film. 

In the film we are chasing all things Char.  Like our cutthroat 'Distracted'  edit that is currently playing in the IF4 (International Fly Fishing Film Festival) we ran all over the surrounding states chasing different species of cutthroat.  In this film we are chasing Char.  What species of char you ask... well, I will tell you.  Bull Trout, Brook Trout, sea run Arctic Char, sea run Dolly Varden and Lake Trout.  These 5 species of fish are the definition of bad to the bone, big fish that are as colored up as a clown.  Is there any species of fresh water fish more beautiful, more aggressive and beefier than these, I would say no. Luckily they live in some of the most beautiful waters in existence.

We were lucky enough to be the creators of our own destiny and make our dreams come true.  With some awesome sponsors and a lot of work and planning, we went into this with an awesome group of dudes who joined us.  Derek Oltuis, Phil Tuttle and Tim Meikle joined us for a lot of the adventure.  We still have a couple of stops and a couple of species to fish for, but here is what we have so far.