Fly Fishing Monster Arctic Char in Nunavut

25th Oct 2018

Cortney Boice and Derek Olthuis return to Nunavut in search of the world's largest arctic char. While in Nunavut last year they found a group of large char, upon arrival they realize the fish … read more

Trips With Friends :// by Joseph Bartholomew

Posted by Joseph Bartholomew on 22nd Jan 2018

Fishing buddies, we’ve all got them, and they are bound to be some of the mostinteresting characters you’ll ever come across. They range from white-haired dry flypurists, who are still rocking their h … read more
Up North

Up North

Posted by Tyler Coleman on 6th Sep 2017

Up NorthWritten and Photos by Tyler ColemanIt's very hard to beat small streams, aggressive brookies and glass rods with good friends. It often seems that my fishing trips do not go as planned. Leavi … read more