Blue Halo STREAMER ST Fly Line

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BLUE HALO fly lines are specifically designed to function on any rod, but they really excel on our rods.  They are created with advanced computational alogorithms to ensure a pin-point accurate line profile, resulting in a perfectly-balanced, low friction line that makes effortless, effective casts. With an advanced coating, our lines ride clearly on the water's surface, helping you make a convincing presentation. The binary color scheme is easily visible during mixed light situations, leaving you prepared for every condition.

STREAER FLY LINE - Shooting Taper, Low-Friction, Bi-Colored, Floating - Sink Tip

Available in: Blue-Grey

  • Shooting Taper for less false casting
  • Type III sink tip (sinks 3 inches per second)
  • Perfect for any size streamer
  • Proprietary hydrophobic coating for smooth, frictionless movement
  • Welded loops for easy leader to backing removal
  • Bi-colored design allows you to visually see how much line is out
  • Great for lakes, boats and rivers