LIGER COMPLETE (hybrid rod)

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Estimated release date is August 1, 2019. Sorry, it took us longer than we thought. we don't want to rush perfection:)

A liger is a mystical beast that is half lion and half tiger. After years of testing and perfecting our tapers we are finally ready to share the most advanced rod design on the market today.  The Liger is a hybrid rod that combines the best attributes of what fiberglass has to offer and utilizes the best of what graphite has to offer in one rod. There is fiberglass in all 4 sections of the rod to add the durability and and all of the goodness of what glass has to offer.  The bottom 3 sections have a proprietary combination of  ZenTron S-2 glass and the finest graphite available for fly rods. The tip section is all S2 glass which gives you a delicate presentations, tippet protection, and durability. They are rolled to the highest standard using the finest ZenTron S-2 fiberglass. Completed Rod is shipped complete with a custom Blue Halo Rod Sock & protective Storage Tube Case.



- Reverse Half Wells Grip (3-5 weight)

- Full Wells Grip (6-12 weight) 

- Custom Rod tube (half S-2, half graphite) with aluminum end cap and screw cap with laser logo

- Blue Halo Custom Aluminum Up-locking Reel Seat

- Hook Keeper (3-5 weight)

- Snake Brand Double Foot Guides

- Tip over butt / Sleeve style ferrules

- Wrapped in the good ol' USA

- We use the highest grade of unidirectional ZenTron S2 fiberglass which is stronger, lighter and stiffer than E-Glass.

- ZenTron S-2 glass recovers 50% faster than standard S Glass and nearly as fast as graphite

- Used in Armored Tanks, F-32, F-35, Stealth aircraft, helicopter blades, nose of Boeing 787. It is light, and strong and protects from high impact which means less broken rods

- Our translucent blanks show it all.  Hold it up to the light and you will see that our blanks are the cleanest most beautiful blanks on the planet

- Lifetime Warrantee against manufacturer defects on all rods

- We offer additional insurance to cover you.  No questions asked.

- Faster action for the guys who like a little more speed and power.  Great for big fish, casting big bugs