RetroFlex II-C 7wt Complete

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These completed 7wt ready to fish rods feature our second-generation RetroFlex technology, combining maximum feel with the sturdy reliability of an augmented and reinforced butt section. Our material renders fiberglass the way glass should be: lithe and supple, never brittle or rigid. The result is a rod that is responsive, dynamic, and expressively tactile. Measuring 8'6" in length and weighing in at a 3.7 ounces, these completes are ready to be fished heavily for years to come. Completed Rod is shipped complete with a custom Blue Halo Rod Sock & protective Storage Tube Case.


- Full Wells Grip with fighting butt

- Blue Halo All Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat

- Hook Keeper

- American Tackle Guides

Currently available in 7 standard translucent colors.

CAPPUCCINO: It might be called "cappuccino," but this rod has little to do with steamy cups o' joe and bad background music. Though its coffee-inspired name, and its appearance--balanced on the edge of traditional rod color and contemporary sensibility--might suggest a refined city kid, this rod clearly belongs out in the country. It's up to you to send it home. Order up your own and put that needed shot of caffeine in your veins.

CHARCOAL: Something about the color charcoal evokes precision. It's clinical. It's coldly efficient. Maybe robotic, even. Although this rod is called charcoal, it's glass through-and-through, allowing you to present a fly with surgeon-like accuracy, and be more fully present when the strikes come thanks to the sensitivity of our second-generation RetroFlex technology.

CRANBERRY: The color red has numerous associations. Love. Anger. Warmth. Passion: we choose to associate red with that time of year when our favorite fish are spawning, when their attitudes are running hot, and when the strikes are fierce. Match the spawn with some sizzle of your own with this Blue Halo RetroFlex II fiberglass complete.

JADE: Blue Halo jade completed rods have the ornamental appeal of heirlooms: something your great grandad traveled far to acquire. But this is beauty with a purpose, and that purpose is catching fish and bucking tradition while doing so. Try your worst: there is no way you can make this rod look bad. Luckily, our jade completes offer more than just a pretty face. You don't need to travel the silk road to put a rare piece of jade in your hands.

RAW: Honest. Au naturel. Free-spirited. Just as the good Lord made it. Call it what you will, but don't call these raw completes unsophisticated. They might be coming at you in the buff, but their soft action can play a trout with the best. Raw power.

SKY BLUE: The sky blue complete matches the clarity of a perfect day on an alpine lake, when the cloudless sky and the still water converge as if one element. These completss are loaded with the promise of summer days out of doors, away from the rat race and all irksome obligations. Naturally stunning and ridiculously fishable. The definitive cure for the summertime blues.

SUNDROP: It's only the center of our universe. No big deal. Now it's your turn to handle the cosmos by customizing your very own sundrop rod. Sure, it might be crazy to suggest that simply naming a rod after the source of all life on our planet might grant the rod some cosmic power, but then again, you can't prove otherwise. These sundrop completess are stellar in every sense. Go ahead: order one up and call yourself the Sun-God. We approve.  


4 Reviews

  • 5
    awesome action

    Posted by Tanner Renshaw on 16th Aug 2017

    This is my go to rod for chucking streamers. Love the action. I have the raw color and love it. Can't wait to add another blue halo rod to my collection

  • 5
    Great rod, Great service

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2017

    Bought this rod a few years ago and had a guide snap (user error). Sent it back and had a new tip section in no time. Customer service was very helpful and fast. Love the rod!

  • 5
    Great Rod

    Posted by janis Brandl on 6th Jul 2016

    You can't go wrong with this rod. Streamers, big dries, heavy nymphs, trophy size trout, carp, pike....the blue halo will handle them all great. Super-nice action in both, casting and fighting the fish.Thos became my favourite rod after testing it for more tha the last half year.Will buy a 5 and 3 weight as soon as i saved enough money :) geetings from germany

  • 5
    couldnt ask for more

    Posted by chris underwood on 18th Apr 2015

    I have enjoyed the 7wt even more than I anticipated. It's a very versatile rod capable of throwing several different line weights and tapers. I use both a wf6 and wf8 sink tip and the rod casts both beautifully. It will roll casts and SH spey great and very accurate all around. I honestly couldn't ask for more, except maybe another one. Tight lines!