Rod Sock and Fiberglass Tube Combo 4 Piece

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For those of you who want to mix style, light weight, and durability the Fiberglass tube is for you.  The smaller more compact size makes them great for traveling or backpacking.  Piece of mind knowing your precious cargo is going to get where you are going safely. Coupled with our amazing rod sock, you can protect that custom build you put your heart and soul into.


3-4 wt 4 piece rod tube - 27" (fits 7'6" rod)

5-6 wt 4 piece rod tube - 28 ½" (fits 8' rods) 

7wt 7 piece rod tube - 30" (fits 8'6" rods)

9' 4 piece rod tube (fits most graphite rods)

Color: Baby blue with black logo